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25 Jan I Am A Trophy Hunter
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I am a Trophy Hunter. In fact I believe everyone is.   Seeking a trophy is inherent in all of us. We are born with it. Ever played hide & seek as a child? Or go on a treasure hunt? Our joy and excitement is working hard to seek out , hunt for, and ultimately find the treasure!  When I go out for a day of fishing I do not purposely set out to catc..
11 Jan Adding Weight to Your Crossbow Arrows
Great Life Outdoors 0 1197
Looking to add weight to your crossbow arrows? There are a few ways to do it but the easiest way by far to add weight to your bolts is to choose  heavier Broadheads.  For me,  I shot 100 grain Broadheads for about 30 some years with my compound bow. I decided to bump up to 125 grain broadheads about 8 years ago.  3 years with a compound bow and 5 y..
14 Oct What are You Hunting or Fishing For?
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What are you hunting or fishing for? Here are some tips no matter what quarry you are after. First take a look at ourselves. What do we need to survive?  We need food, water and shelter.  No matter what game we pursue we need to understand what they need to survive as well.  Native Americans watched nature and learned from what they would do and ..
15 Jul Playing The Wind For Deer Hunting Success
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Playing The Wind For Deer Hunting Success Most of the time we have done our "Home Work". We thoroughly scouted the area we want to hunt. We have found bedding and feeding areas so we know where the deer are coming and going. We see Buck sign in the area as well . Exciting! So we want to wait for the "right wind" before we we hunt this area. The ..
30 Jun Choosing the Best Broadheads
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Choosing  Broadheads We've all  heard it time and time and time again. What's the best broadhead? Sorry, but there is no real answer to this. Many people may be asking because they've had bad experiences in the past.  Over the years broadhead quality and technology has increased dramatically. Most of the quality brand named broadheads will offer..
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