Playing The Wind For Deer Hunting Success

Most of the time we have done our "Home Work". We thoroughly scouted the area we want to hunt. We have found bedding and feeding areas so we know where the deer are coming and going. We see Buck sign in the area as well . Exciting! So we want to wait for the "right wind" before we we hunt this area. The day finally comes. The wind is right, the weather is good. But guess what? You sit all evening and nothing shows up!

Let's stop and think about what deer do. Deer normally head into the wind. Take a look at the map of a real scenario and you will see what we can miss sometimes as hunters. We wait until the wind is blowing towards the field(from the South or South West). See Stand #1 Location.

But sometimes the best choice is just the opposite! The deer are heading down the trails from the bedding area to the staging/feeding and feeding areas.  When the wind is from the North the deer will feel safer knowing the wind is in their face and continue towards the field. See Stand #2 Location.

If the wind is from the South the deer might bed in a different area all together, or move as the wind changes in order to come into the feeding area from a different direction. This is especially true on public land where the deer are pressured, or if you have been hunting the same spot more than twice a week, or using bait. So the key here is treestand placement. Wait for a North or Northwest wind and place your treestand 20 or 30 yards to the south and as close to the trail intersection as possible. If you are using bait you don't have to "sit on the bait". You can move back and "Play the Wind" to your hunting success!

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