I am a Trophy Hunter. In fact I believe everyone is.   Seeking a trophy is inherent in all of us. We are born with it. Ever played hide & seek as a child? Or go on a treasure hunt? Our joy and excitement is working hard to seek out , hunt for, and ultimately find the treasure!  When I go out for a day of fishing I do not purposely set out to catch the smallest fish in the lake! But on the day pictured in the photo I believe I actually did. 

When we tend our  gardens the goal in not to grow shriveled up small veggies.  We want them to be big, beautiful, ripe & juicy.  One day I was out washing my car and the neighbor rushed over and said  "Have you ever seen a tomato this big!" "That has got to be the tomato of a lifetime! "A true Trophy", I said.  We measured it, weighed it, and took several pictures to mark the occasion. Social Media wasn't around then but if it was I am sure he would have proudly posted it for everyone to see.  Of course when you post something on Social Media you will always get some fool  that will say something like. "probably won't taste good".

Have you ever  gone Morel Mushroom hunting?  Morel mushrooms  are one of the most prized Trophies on the planet! We have tons of pictures with big bags full, or an exceptionally large morel.  But if you talk to someone that has never heard of Morels they would probably say. "You actually go out in the woods with bears, and snakes, and bugs just to find a few ugly fungus. Wow really? Why not just buy them at the store? " We all know the answer to that. The journey of the hunt.  The work and time we put in to ultimately find our prize.  And of course the stories/memories about the Bears, bugs, and snakes!

Maybe you have heard the joke about the 3 fisherman on their way to the boat launch. They drove down the road, boat in tow, at dawn, through the rain and wind anxious to get to their destination. One of them spotted some golfers teeing off at the local club and said" What kind of idiots go golfing in the rain?"

How about shopping  Trophies?  If they gave out Trophies for the best  "Deal Finder" I am certain we all know someone that would win that prize! Finding great deals on the sale rack or at Garage sales is an absolute passion for some and can be downright competitive for others! Have you seen some of those crazy shoppers on Black Friday!

Some would define "Trophy Hunting" a different way.  Many out there don't like those that go out with the goal of just taking a Trophy.  In my opinion we all do just that.  No matter what trophy we are after.  Some travel  great distances  seeking a Trophy.  Some seek trophies right in their own back yard. To me the term "Trophy" is relevant.  A trophy deer here in Northern Michigan  is much, different than a trophy in other parts of the world. My deer of a lifetime is more than likely much different than someone else's idea of a trophy deer of a lifetime.

When I go to bed the night before a day of deer hunting  I toss and turn and my excitement sometimes results in  a lack of sleep.  In fact every time we set foot in the woods we dream of harvesting that "deer of a lifetime" After 40 years of hunting I can tell you sincerely that every deer,  no matter how big or small has been a deer of a lifetime, a trophy to be respected and treasured. 

I earn my Trophies and am proud of them. My Trophy is mine. It's not yours or anyone else's. I can choose who to share it with.  We can define it as it does in the Constitution. "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit happiness."  So pursue your Happiness! Respect and encourage those that pursue a Trophy no matter what that "Trophy" is.