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Spot & Flood Lights

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17' Cable Harness f/RCL-752nd station cable harness, 17' (5.2m) length, waterproof connector ..
$82.95 $73.95
High intensity 55W Halogen Bulb - 12V. 2 bulbs are needed for each searchlight...
$83.95 $74.95
High intensity 55W Halogen - 24V. 2 bulbs are needed for each searchlight...
$83.95 $74.95
High intensity 55W Halogen 12V bulb ..
$46.95 $41.95
Planet GearACR's Planet Gear is made specifically for ACR's RCL-100 12V and 24V Remote Controlled Se..
$25.95 $22.95
Dual lamp design provides redundancy, reliability-works when you need itBright, powerful halogen bea..
$292.95 $262.95
SM-2Product No. 3940.1Automatic Crew-Overboard Marker Light with Bulkhead BracketBrighter light in a..
$143.95 $128.95
URC-102 Master Control f/RCL-50 & RCL-100 SearchlightControls ON-OFF and light rotation speed. Provi..
$336.95 $302.95
Fingertip remote control for RCL-50/100 Series. Up to three remote Point Pad units may be installed..
$156.95 $140.95
XFS "Moon Light" Portable Sport LightAttwood's Multi Function Sport Light is a durable multi purpose..
$54.95 $48.95
XFS "Moon Light" Portable Sport LightCamo Color SchemeAttwood's Multi Function Sport Light is a dura..
$63.95 $56.95
RailLight MiniSolar powered light with two bright white LEDs.14" (36cm) length overall.Stainless Ste..
$35.95 $31.95
RailLight PremiumFast charging, solar powered light with four bright white LEDs.14" (36cm) length ov..
$47.95 $42.95
Replacement Joystick Control for 22200 and 22201 M-100 Halogen SpotlightsThe replacement joystick co..
$81.95 $72.95
6 LED Spreader Light - WhiteFeatures:Operates 12/24 Volt DC SystemsRated at 50,000 hours of Service ..
$74.95 $66.95
135SL Remote Control SearchlightIdeal for boaters...locate buoys, moorings, channel markers, etc. Id..
$314.95 $282.95
146SL Remote Control SearchlightIdeal for mid-size boats...locate buoys, moorings, channel markers, ..
$608.95 $547.95
146SL Remote Control SearchlightWhite ThermoplasticIdeal for mid-size boats...locate buoys, moorings..
$711.95 $639.95
155SL Remote Control SearchlightConstructed of noncorrosive materials.Sealed beam halogen lamp.Long ..
$314.95 $282.95
7" Remote Control SearchlightFeatures: Complete drive unit enclosed in light housing.Single control ..
$1,318.95 $1,186.95