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Transom Mounting Bracket for P66 Transducer - 2004 & up..
$46.95 $28.95
Jog SwitchThe ComNav Jog Switch is a permanently mounted, watertight eletrical switch specifically d..
$385.95 $327.95
Parallel RulesCompletely transparent clear optical finish allows for exact plotting. Each 15" (38 cm..
$22.95 $16.95
Mark 25 Sextant#025The top of the line Davis plastic sextant, the Mark 25 features our Beam Converge..
$288.95 $180.95
Charting KitThe Davis Charting Kit comes with one-arm protractor, course plotter, protractor triangl..
$62.95 $45.95
Key Buoy™The ultimate key fob for boaters! When keys fall in the water, Key Buoy self-inflating..
$10.95 $9.95
AIS100 Receiver (USB)This value priced, entry level AIS receiver is Digital Yacht's most cost effect..
$242.95 $207.95
Digital Yacht GPS150 USB DualNav GPS/GLONASS Antenna - Self Powered USB InterfaceThe GPS150 DualNav ..
$268.95 $231.95
NMEA Adapter f/PCThe USB to NMEA Serial Adaptor cable is a simple and effective method for connectin..
$62.95 $57.95
SPL2000 AIS-VHF Antenna SplitterThe SPL2000 allows the boat's VHF antenna to be used for both an AIS..
$378.95 $325.95
Power Cable Assembly, 3.5 Meters..
$54.95 $51.95
NavNet Display Adapter Straight Cable, 6P(F) - RJ45(M), 0.5 Meters ..
$52.95 $49.95
15M Power Cable for DRS4WThe 15M Power Cable is specifically for Furuno's DRS4W...
$138.95 $128.95
15M Radar Sensor Cable AssemblyFuruno's 15 Meter Radar Sensor Cable Assembly is specifically for Fur..
$258.95 $237.95
Furuno's BBWGPS WAAS/GPS Receiver Antenna makes any NavNet product capable of receiving WAAS and GPS..
$408.95 $328.95
GPS Antenna with 10 Meter Cable..
$133.95 $123.95
IF-NMEA2K2The IF-NMEA2K2 is an interface to convert data from NMEA0183 format to NMEA2000 / CAN bus ..
$203.95 $187.95
FI5002 NMEA2000 Junction BoxThe FI5002 is an NMEA2000 Certified, 6-Port Junction Box for use with fo..
$183.95 $169.95
Power Supply for NavNet 3D and TZtouchThe PSU012 Power Supply is required for DRS4A and DRS6A with M..
$708.95 $567.95
Power/Data CableThis is a dual purpose cable. It is utilized as a Power Cable Assembly for the FCV58..
$76.95 $75.95