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Filter FunnelFeatures:- Great for use with liquid fuel stoves or lanterns- Resealable storage bag- N..
$12.99 $11.95
Propane teeFeatures:- Allows connection of appliances to a refillable propane cylinder..
$24.99 $22.95
Pressure Hose And AdaptorFeatures:- 5' Long hose- For refillable propane cylinder- Compatible with C..
$29.99 $27.95
Optimus Optimus Clip-On Windshield 8018907Lightweight, hard anodized aluminium clip-on windshield fo..
$15.99 $14.95
Avoid spillage and dirt in your fuel. The OPTIMUS Funnel is equipped with a gauze filter. Fits insid..
$11.99 $10.95
Includes cleaning needle, lubricant, jet, preheating pad, 2 o-rings for spindle, flat seal for pump ..
$27.99 $25.95
Optimus Hiker+ Repair Kit, ExtensiveKit Includes:- Cleaning needle- Lubricant- Jet- Pre-heating pad-..
$27.99 $25.95
Includes 2 o-rings for spindle, lubricant, 2 fuel filters, preheating pad, flat seal for pump head, ..
$19.99 $18.95
Optimus Hunter & Svea Spare Parts Kit Kit Includes:- Cleaning needle- Jet- Spindle- Metal ring for s..
$27.99 $25.95