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Add even more portability to your Coleman stove when you pack it in a durable Coleman Propane Stov..
Filter FunnelFeatures:- Great for use with liquid fuel stoves or lanterns- Resealable storage bag- N..
Propane teeFeatures:- Allows connection of appliances to a refillable propane cylinder..
Fuel FillerFeatures:- Attaches to top of Coleman liquid fuel can for easy appliance filling..
Pressure Extension HoseFeatures:- 8' Long- Attaches to distribution tree, propane tee or bulk adapto..
Pressure Hose And AdaptorFeatures:- 5' Long hose- For refillable propane cylinder- Compatible with C..
Optimus Optimus Clip-On Windshield 8018907Lightweight, hard anodized aluminium clip-on windshield fo..
Expedition Fuel Bottle Cap..
Avoid spillage and dirt in your fuel. The OPTIMUS Funnel is equipped with a gauze filter. Fits insid..
Includes cleaning needle, lubricant, jet, preheating pad, 2 o-rings for spindle, flat seal for pump ..
Optimus Hiker+ Repair Kit, ExtensiveKit Includes:- Cleaning needle- Lubricant- Jet- Pre-heating pad-..
Includes 2 o-rings for spindle, lubricant, 2 fuel filters, preheating pad, flat seal for pump head, ..
Optimus Canister Stand 8018910Foldable gas canister stand to increase stove stability for safer cook..
Optimus Sparky (Handheld Piezo) 8018913Handheld piezo device: the easy and reliable way to light you..
Optimus Hunter & Svea Spare Parts Kit Kit Includes:- Cleaning needle- Jet- Spindle- Metal ring for s..
This wind foil is quickly fitted around the stove and adjusts perfectly to the size of the pot due t..