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Pliers, Grippers & Hook Removers

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The 11" Cuda Crimper features an integrated Titanium Bonded Wire Cutter that will stay sharper for a..
$38.95 $26.95
Cuda Aluminum Alloy construction featuring Dual-nonslip grips. This 18" Dehooker features a Titanium..
$38.95 $27.95
Top of the line, 7.25" Titanium Alloy Plier & Mono/Braid Cutters! Integrated Tungsten Carbide braid ..
$253.95 $199.95
Cuda 7.5" Pliers featuring integrated Tungsten Carbide Wire, Mono & Braid Cutters. Full tang, Alumin..
$72.95 $57.95
These 7.5" Cuda pliers feature Tungsten Carbide Mono and Braid cutting blades and Titanium Bonded ja..
$45.95 $34.95