T-REIGN Outdoor Products 0TPG-3341 ProGrip Teather

T-REIGN Outdoor Products 0TPG-3341 ProGrip Teather
Brand: T-REIGN Outdoor Products
Product Code: 0TPG-3341
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The ProGrip Gear Tether is great for gripping and securing cylindrical objects such as kayak and paddle board paddles, fishing rods, canoe oars and more!

The built-in ratchet mechanism locks the reel in 5"  intervals. Just pull the retractor to the desired length and the cord will lock in place, give it another pull and the reel unlocks and retracts. Available with carabiner or belt clip.


- Built in ratchet mechanism locks the reel at the desired length and keeps tension off the cord while the phone is in use
- 48"  retractable Kevlar cord is 5 times stronger than steel based on equal weight and has an 80 lb. minimum break strength
- Attach the ProGrip anywhere with the available attachment options including a zinc alloy carabiner or stainless steel clip.
- Made in the USA and proven to last more than 1-million pulls
Manufacturer Info
Brand NameT-REIGN Outdoor Products
TruckloadTruck A
Manufacturer Part Number0TPG-3341
UPC Code088056912713
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