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Friction & Slate Calls

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The mushroom-tipped head of the Cuttin' Striker specializes in breaking into the sharp notes require..
$23.99 $17.95
Compare this call to other high-dollar slate calls on the market and you'll realize you've hit the J..
$35.99 $27.95
The Matchbox from Primos is a no frills box call with realistic tones sure to help you get the job d..
$25.99 $19.95
Made from the finest Pennsylvania SLATE. SLATE is the easiest surface to use and produce the purest..
$19.99 $15.95
This is our top-of-the-line, high-pitched, friction call. The Power Crystal's super-hard surface eas..
$28.99 $25.95
5-in-1 friction call conditioner. Unique design includes stone, diamond screen, chalk, and two cond..
$16.99 $13.95
Want to win? Play the Triple Seven¬ôStriker and watch the toms roll in. The Triple Seven Striker reac..
$17.99 $15.95