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Loon Lake Decoy Green Winged Teal Duck Waterfowl Sculpture

Loon Lake Decoy Green Winged Teal Duck Waterfowl Sculpture
Brand: Loon Lake Decoy Company
Product Code: Life Size Green Winged Teal
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Spring Plumage Green-winged Teal

11"L x 4.5 W x 6" H

The Green-winged Teal is the smallest of our North American ducks and has a noticeably short neck and undersized bill. The bill of this attractive waterfowl has finely spaced lamellae along the inside, which makes it easy to feed on one of its favorite foods, the seeds of marine vegetation. Loon Lake Decoy Company’s lavish masterpiece of the Spring Plumage Green-winged Teal depicts the gap in the beak as well as it unique coloration. This rendition has captured the image of the Green-Winged Teal with its feathers up and leg stuck out as if it just got finshed with a mid-afternoon snooze.

Our elegant life-size sculpture is a great sculpture for any decorative situation in your home, cabin, or office and truly brings out the beauty and characteristics of North America's smallest duck.


How It's Made:

This sculpture starts as an original wood carving, hand carved from  solid Tupelo Gum, Basswood and Maple by  Master carver Sam Nottleman, and carvers Bill Stark, Jerry Eppel and Todd Pasche. Sam's wife, Lilly, creates the original paint scheme using birds as her models. A casting mold is made from the original and from this mold the sculpture is then hand-cast. After casting, the sculpture is subject to many more hand operations including any seam lines or casting blemishes. After finishing the raw sculpture is hand painted, again making sure every detail of the original is passed on to the reproduction.  This sculpture requires hours of hand work by the combined skills of the carver, craftsmen and artists before it is complete.

About The Artists:

The Nottlemans are noted for their capacity to create the most life-like wildlife sculptures in the world, and add action poses. This characteristic has separated the work of Sam and Lilly Nottleman from other carvers around the world, and sparked the interest in some famous owners of wildlife sculptures such as Paul Harvey, Norman Schwarzkopf, Richard Mears and many others.

The Nottlemans birds have been secured by many national organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, The National Rifle Association, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, The National Dove Society, The National Wild Turkey Federation, The Safari Club and the Delta Water Fowler Association.


"How It's Made" is general information and can vary between sculptures. Each collectable sculpture is a unique hand painted piece and will vary from actual manufacturer photo. Some Loon Lake Decoy sculptures are shipped direct from the factory. Unexpected backorders can occur.

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