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Bird, Owl & Crow Calls

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Like every Cass Creek Call, Ergo Series calls feature live recordings of real animals making actual ..
Excellent for locating gobblers all day long after the early morning excitement is over. Great for c..
The Dove call is easy to use. For morning or afternoon hunts, the call can be used to entice doves c..
The Javelina Call works best when you are close, within 100 yards. Javelinas respond two ways: 1 - t..
A few taps on The Magnum Chukar is all it takes to perfectly reproduce the cluck or cackle of the Ch..
The Mountain Quail is great for locating a covey or a single bird. The larger design is for long-ran..
The shrill cry of the peacock is well known for driving gobblers crazy. Toms will not let the sound ..
The Pheasant call is easy to use. In the early mornings, the call can be used to entice a cock pheas..
If you have room for only one locator call, this would be it! Loudest crow call available producing..
This new and improved design creates louder tones. Less air produces even louder tones. Creates m..
The Shock'N Owl is used to shock that Tom into giving up his location. This is a custom hardwood owl..
The Valley Quail is a great locator call.Features: - New design for long-range locating - Versatile ..