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A soft-volume call for opening up a stand or coaxing any Bobcat, Coyote or Fox! Lure even the most v..
$34.95 $26.95
Bite down and it sounds like a conventional rabbit in distress. Release the bite to make howls like ..
$17.95 $15.95
This call accurately imitates the growls and squeals of hogs and javelina. Hogs and javelina are ext..
$19.95 $17.95
Compact in size, it makes high-pitched Rabbit in distress sounds. It makes GREAT whimpers and cries...
$16.95 $14.95
It's hands free option keeps you ready! Reproduces the sounds of field mice and other rodents, attr..
$14.95 $13.95
Produces the soft meows of a bobcat and the distress calls of rabbits and fawns. Bite and blow desig..
$17.95 $15.95
The Coon Squaller reproduces the whines and distress call of raccoons for calling and locating racco..
$14.95 $13.95
The Coyote Bear Buster reproduces the pitch, tone and volume of a deer-Feets bleat as deer communica..
$14.95 $13.95
This compact and simple to use electronic predator caller is designed to make your hunt easy and eff..
$108.95 $79.95
This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to g..
$21.95 $18.95
This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to g..
$21.95 $18.95
This call imitates the whimpering cries of a female coyote during the preliminary stages of the bree..
$21.95 $18.95
Hog grunts are made by both boars and sows. The grunts of a wild hog sound very much like those of a..
$15.95 $13.95
This Hot Dog is one bad dog! Fool those educated coyotes. The mouthpiece detaches from the horn to s..
$33.95 $25.95
The name "Ki-Yi" was derived from the sound an injured dog makes. Our Ki-Yi also produces the raspy,..
$23.95 $20.95
A small howler with a big bite. The Lil' Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white..
$28.95 $23.95
Mastering the Art of the coyote language is easy when you have a good teacher. Randy Anderson will s..
$34.95 $26.95
Mouse SqueezeThis is a great close-range coaxer with minimal movement. This is the easiest call ever..
$13.95 $12.95
Randy Anderson and Primos Hunting Calls have designed the perfect all-in-one pack for predator hunti..
$49.95 $38.95
2-in-1 call! Combination long range call and close in coaxer. Blow into the call to reproduce the ..
$17.95 $15.95