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Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Kit
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Model: 7905 Gunner's Price!: $291.66
The Muzzy Vice bowfishing Kit comes with everything you need to be sucsessful on the water. The Vice bow is adjustsable from 15-30 inches of draw legnth and 15-40 pounds of draw weight. The kit contains the 1079 push button reel, Fish Hook Rest, 1020-G Classic white arrow with Gar point, and Finger ..
Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Package RH A4CB21005R
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Model: A4CB21005R Gunner's Price!: $339.13
The Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow package comes complete with a Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest, Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing Reel, Cajun Blister Buster Finger Pads, & 2 White Fiberglass Arrows with Pirannha Points- Easy Pull Bowfishing Package- Best reel on the market- 7.25" Brace Height- 35.25" Axle-to-..
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