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Model: BB-HAWG-5LB Gunner's Price!: $9.47
The Boss Hawg Feed Attractants are proudly made right here in the USA, just like their feeders, and have a protein-based formula that is nutrient-dense and contains optimal levels of fats. Available in a 5-pound berry flavor bag, the strong aromas pull hogs from surrounding areas. When used with Ste..
Boss Buck Boss Sauce Premium Molasses 1 Gallon
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Model: BB-MOL-P Gunner's Price!: $8.50
Available in an easy-to-transport 1-gallon bottle, the Premium Molasses Liquid Mineral Attractant provide powerful aromas that create long-lasting appeal. Simply pour over new or existing mineral sites, rotted stumps, or decomposing logs near a game trail and be ready for action this hunting season...
Boss Buck Builder Feed Attractant 20lb
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Model: BB-BLDR-20LB Gunner's Price!: $15.88
Protein based formula is nutrient dense and contains optimal levels of fats. When used with cameras helps to establish movement patterns and monitor deer in the area. Strong aromas pull deer from surrounding area. Competition Over Feed frequently draws out nocturnal and elusive mature bucks. Promote..
Hunters Specialties 25lb VR Apple Flavored Salt Block
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Model: HS-VR-100118 Gunner's Price!: $13.44
Attract and hold the deer in your area to your desired location using the Vita-Rack Salt Block from Hunter's Specialties. Featuring an all new apple flavoring for added attractiveness to your local deer herd, the Vita-Rack is perfect for being used as a supplemental feed or as an attractant for capt..
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