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Amerian Hunter Deer Game Feeder Universal Timer
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Model: AH-UTM Gunner's Price!: $18.28
The American Hunter Digital Timer Universal 6v/12v was developed in order to function as the ideal product for any person looking for an outstanding option. American Hunter has been developing superior quality merchandise for a number of years, and the American Hunter Digital Timer Universal 6v/12v ..
American Hunter 30 lb. Hog Log Feeder
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Model: AH-SWNLOG Gunner's Price!: $48.81
Putting the biggest boars consistently within shooting range of rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, bow or crossbow for hours! Engage the pigs natural tendencies to root and eat. Thus it's the pigs that power the hog specific feeder. The American Hunter Log Feeder is effective, simple, most reliable, anim..
American Hunter Deer Game ECON Feeder
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Model: AH-ECON-KIT Gunner's Price!: $24.39
Feed at daylight, and again up to 12 hours later with the American Hunter Economy Game feeder. Use this feeder as a replacement feeder or build your own game feeder. The Economy feeder features a photo cell timer. The Feeder operates on one 6 Volt spring top battery (not included). Metal downspout i..
American Hunter Deer Game Econ Feeder w 5 Gal Collapsible Hopper
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Model: AH-NF-ECON Gunner's Price!: $54.93
No assembly needed. Just grab it and go for instant whitetail feeding. The American Hunter Collapsible Feeder is made from high-density polyethylene and features a collapsible design for easy storage. Includes digital timer with adjustable feed rate and up to 16 feeding times per day.- 50-Lbs Capaci..
Model: BL-EC6 Gunner's Price!: $15.21
6v Solar Charger For R-Kit/Rd-Kit- Converts Sunlight Into Electric Power For Charging 6 Or 12 Volt Rechargeable Batteries- Weatherproof, Rust Proof And Corrosive Resistant- For R-Kits, Rd-Kits And Pro Series Kits..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder DE1270DC 12v 7AH Rechargeable Battery
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Model: DE-30020 Gunner's Price!: $15.21
The 12 volt rechargeable battery has loads of different uses. This size battery is most commonly used for game feeders, headlights, back-up lighting, and household alarms. It has 12 volts, 7 AMP, and a tap top. Maintanence free spill-proof design trouble-free, safe operation in any orientation.- 12 ..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder FM 6 12v High Torque Motor
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Model: 20575 Gunner's Price!: $24.39
American Hunter 6V/12V High Torque Motor 20575 offers a heavy industrial design for your deer feeder. Running at up to 2942 RPM, this American Hunter 6/12V Motor is perfect for replacement on existing American Hunter Feeders or can be used when building your own feeder.- American Hunter 6V/12V High ..
Model: AH-FMTR Gunner's Price!: $30.50
Using ultrasonic technology, and by Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0, you can now Check how much feed is remain through the use of the Feeder Meter and the American Hunter App. Designed for use with an iPhone or Android the Feeder Meter connect to units that are less that 6 feet way. No more peeking in ..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder Photocell Kit
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Model: AH-EKIT Gunner's Price!: $24.39
Feeder kit with photocell technology allows feeding at day light and again up to 12 hours later. Features an adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec), galvanized metal construction, a powder coated black metal downspout and a high torque motor. Operates on one 6 volt spring top battery (not included).- Feede..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder Power Solar Panel
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Model: AH-SLR Gunner's Price!: $42.71
Integrated Li Battery for self storage of power. This does NOT charge the feeder battery. This is the battery and no battery can be used in the feeder. Connects with any American Hunter Feeder and mounts to either the lid or leg of any feeder allowing for optimum sunlight through adjustable position..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder Sunslinger Kit
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Model: AH-SSLNG-KIT Gunner's Price!: $52.48
American Hunter 6v Sun Slinger 2.0 Deer Feeder Kit. All inclusive is this 6v battery operated deer feeder that has its own built in solar panel.  This deer feeder kit has no exposed wires to worry about varmint tearing up, and includes a vaarmint cage around the spinner. Mounts to any deer feeder ba..
American Hunter Deer Game Feeder Varmint Zapper Module
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Model: AH-VZM Gunner's Price!: $12.17
American Hunter Varmint Buster - this device acts like a small electric fence, giving your unwanted smaller visitors a non-lethal shock to deter them from wasting feed intended for other wildlife. Mounts inside R-KIT PRO or RD-KIT PRO or any R_KIT series feeder kit.- Keep Unwanted Varmint Visitor Aw..
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