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Wayne Carltons Calls Elk Grunt Mega Tube
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Model: HS-WCC-70063 Gunner's Price!: $17.43
This easy-to-use call produces authentic elk bugles on demand. The Mega Grunt Tube has an attached megaphone for increased volume, range, and success. Its flexible tube simulates an elk's windpipe, triggering an instinctive response unlike any other call on the market. It includes a camo cover and l..
Wayne Carltons Calls Fightn Cow Elk Call
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Model: HS-WCC-70037 Gunner's Price!: $7.28
Bowhunting World magazine called this elk call, "The hot call for the 90s," when Wayne Carlton first introduced it. Compact and lightweight, it easily fits in a pocket. The high-pitched sound it produces is like no other call around. Try it, and you'll rile up big bulls when they're otherwise quiet...
Wayne Carltons Calls Lonesome Cow Elk Call
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Model: HS-WCC-70040 Gunner's Price!: $8.08
The Hunter's Specialties Lonesome Cow Elk call is a easy-to-use bite and blow design elk call. The large call body is designed for added volume and higher pitch to attract long range bulls. This is a bite and blow type call. This easy-to-use call allows you to reach out and grab bulls with its high ..
Wayne Carltons Elk Calls Mac Daddy Herd Pack w Infinity
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Model: HS-WCC-70377 Gunner's Price!: $41.43
The awesome, all-in-one Mac Daddy Herd Pack includes the Mac Daddy with Infinity Latex, Estrus Squeeze Me, Carlton's Calls' Premium Flex double-reed diaphragm call and The Complete Elk Caller" DVD. This easy-to-use call produces the most authentic bugles and nasally cow calls. For high-pitched, long..
Wayne Carltons Elk Calls Mac Daddy with Infinity
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Model: HS-WCC-70175 Gunner's Price!: $36.59
Includes mouthpiece with removable baffle, small removable grunt tube and lanyard with four loops. Mouthpiece features Infinity Latex. The easiest call to use, it makes the most authentic bugles and nasal cow calls. Anyone can use"” from beginners to seasoned elk hunters. Baffle tones down volume fo..
Wayne Carltons Elk Calls Rowdy Bull Bugle
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Model: HS-WCC-70174 Gunner's Price!: $15.04
Use the Single Reed for the high-pitched bugle of a young bull, the Triple Reed for the deep sound of a mature bull, and the Double Reed and 2.5 Reed for everything in between. This call may be small and compact, but has remarkable volume and fits easily in your pack or can be slung around your body..
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