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Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Turkey Call Spring Gobbler CC-041
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Model: CC 041 Gunner's Price!: $16.35
Cass Creek „¢Ergo Spring Gobbler Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek „¢Ergo Spring Gobbler Electronic Game Call features real live turkey calls. The sounds are high quality and effective to e..
Model: HS-STR-05936 Gunner's Price!: $6.01
HS Strut diaphragms with tone trough create perfect pressures by guiding air over the latex, while assisting with placement in the hunter's palate. The premium flex process and infinity latex make for longer lasting calls that are more consistent and comfortable to use. In fact, the latex comes aliv..
Hunters Specialties Tough Tone Diaphragm Turkey Call 2 Pack
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Model: HS-STR-05935 Gunner's Price!: $6.01
HS Strut ultimate Starter pack includes double D, double dead & cutter 2.5 diaphragms - a Great set for beginner callers. Each diaphragm features a premium flex frame with Infinity latex and comfortable moisture resistant Yellow tape for seasons of consistency and durability. The HS Strut Infinity l..
Hunters Specialties Turkey Call DIA PREMIUM FLEX FOUR
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Model: HS-STR-05930 Gunner's Price!: $7.54
The Hunter Specialties Premium Flex 4 Mouth Turkey Call Ki is is one of the easiest to blow diaphragms on the market. Each call features either 2 or 3 Ultra-thin reeds. Premium flex frame with Infinity latex for comfort, consistency and durability. 4-pack includes: deuce cutter, sickle cutter, smoki..
Model: HS-STR-100170 Gunner's Price!: $9.09
Intended to be considered as a great instrument for pretty much any hunter, the Hunter's Specialties Hs Strut Turkey Call Pot Style Suzie Snood Slate is the game call you'll want with you when you're out in the field. Crafted using exceptionally heavy duty materials, these Turkey Calls through the s..
Hunters Specialties Turkey Call Strut Cookie Cuttr Combo
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Model: HS-STR-100177 Gunner's Price!: $18.17
The new Cookie Cutt'R Pot Call is a conventional pot call produced with HS Strut's best injection molded pot coupled with a slate striking surface. HS has designed a durable quick-reference removeable cap that allows novice as well as seasoned hunters to quickly & easily strike their preferred call...
Model: HS-STR-100039 Gunner's Price!: $12.54
The fact is, using a turkey call of any kind For the first time takes a little getting used to. It's important to the folks at HS strut that beginner turkey hunters can call like expert callers, and in turn call in turkeys like expert hunters. When it comes to friction pot calls, HS strut has the so..
Model: HS-STR-100143 Gunner's Price!: $9.09
The HS Strut Fearsome 4 diaphragm combo pack includes four Premium Flex diaphragm turkey calls that offer a variety of reed and cutt variations to change things up in the field. The best of the best in one kit. Premium Flex diaphragms are precision manufactured to be the same every time. This means ..
Model: HS-STR-06973 Gunner's Price!: $6.61
This gobbler locator is raspier sounding and features three holes on the end that funnel sound. Great for long-range calling. Weather-resistant gobbler Hunters Specialties HS Strut Mega Hoot Owl Locator Mouth Call is very raspy, and has 3 holes in the end to funnel sound for long-distance calling.- ..
Hunters Specialties Turkey Call Strut Raspy Old Hen Box Call
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Model: HS-STR-100179 Gunner's Price!: $12.11
The Raspy Old Hen Combo includes the Raspy Old Hen box and glass friction turkey calls and a Premium Flex diaphragm call. The Raspy Old Hen box call is only available in this combo pack. This box call is a custom handmade, hybrid boat-paddle-style design. It easily produces high-pitched front-end no..
Model: HS-STR-100164 Gunner's Price!: $24.23
The HS Strut undertaker Series gives you the edge in letting turkeys meet their maker. You can hunt with confidence knowing you've got the absolute best turkey calls offered on the market today. engineered wood construction provides increased stability while the deadly design gives this box call a u..
Model: HS-STR-100038 Gunner's Price!: $21.95
As with any call, it takes practice and technique development in order to master perfect turkey sounds. Everything from positioning, rhythm and cadence can affect the tone of the call produced. That's why HS Strut developed quite possibly the easiest-to-use box call ever created while maintaining ex..
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