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Hunters Specialties Scent Away Earth Max Spray 32 Oz
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Model: HS-SAW-07747 Gunner's Price!: $5.70
Scent-A-Way MAX Fresh Earth Spray uses activated odor scrubbers that attract and aggressively attack odors at the molecular level. This means you get quicker and stronger scent control that lasts longer. Integrated Fresh Earth cover scent helps the hunter blend into the natural smells and odors of t..
Hunters Specialties Scent Away Ult Hunting Kit Fresh Earth
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Model: HS-SAW-100100 Gunner's Price!: $25.60
Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way max ultimate hunting kit Fresh Earth. Follow steps (clothes), (body) and (field) of the 3-step scent control system. Is vital to being scent-free in the woods and staying undetected by big deer, Elk, Moose and other big game. The Scent-A-Way max deluxe kit includes: s..
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