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What type of game are you after?  What are you fishing for? Here are some tips no matter what quarry you are after. No matter what game we pursue we need to understand what they need to survive.  Native Americans watched nature and learned from what they would do and what they would eat. We can do the same.

When I was young I fished small trout streams in our neighborhood. Little did I know the lessons I learned would be information I could apply towards any game I may want pursue later in life.  I found the best streams had abundant food with deep holes and large banks for the fish to hide. The largest fish always seemed to be in those same spots.  And when I fished a stream I had never fished before I did not do very well. Once I got to know the stream I knew when to slow down and think about my approach.  Each step was carefully placed. The direction of the approach was also very important. Even my shadow on the water can spook the fish!  These are all simple lessons  we need to follow on every hunting or fishing trip.

1. What is the food and or water source? 

2. We need to get to know the area through trial and error and learn it like the back of your hand.  How can we approach our hunting or fishing spot to get there undetected? 

3. Where is the best shelter.? This would be where the biggest trout or the smartest bucks will be time after time.  The very best spots will have undisturbed shelter with the food close by.

Of course these principle don't always work. How many times have we found a spot that looked perfect and now matter how many times we hunted or fished there nothing! Well that is where trial and error comes into play. The more we are out there scouting, fishing and hunting an area the more we will know what to do at any given time thus increasing our chances for success.  So get out there. Have fun. Learn from your successes and more importantly our mistakes. Its all part of the experience. Enjoy the Great Life Outdoors!


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