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Model: HS-BB-200028 Gunner's Price!: $7.14
Buck Bomb BucRut contains pure, fresh urine collected from bucks that are at least 3. 5 years old. As the same scent that is found in the BucRut Bomb, BucRut will boost the drawing power of your mock scrapes, particularly during the pre-rut and peak rut period when bucks are most aggressive and terr..
Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus Aerosol 6.65 Oz
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Model: HS-BB-200050 Gunner's Price!: $7.14
As the "bread and butter" of deer hunters everywhere during the whitetail rut, Buck Bomb Doe 'N Estrus has been responsible for countless buck kills and encounters in the past two decades. The Buck Bomb Doe in Estrus contains 6.65 ounces of pure, fresh doe-in-heat urine. It's the most efficient and ..
Buck Bomb Doe P Aerosol 6.65 Oz
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Model: HS-BB-200051 Gunner's Price!: $7.14
For areas where natural urine scents are not allowed, The Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe 'P' Bomb imitates 6.65 oz of fresh urine from young does and fawns. It's particularly effective during early bow season and the again post-rut as a natural cover scent and an attractant for both bucks and does. Use Buc..
Model: HS-BB-200026 Gunner's Price!: $7.14
The Buck Bomb Scrape Kit includes both the 2oz Scrape Generator scent as well as the 2oz Synthetic Forehead Gland, a deadly combination for attracting bucks throughout the rut. Forehead Gland imitates the scent that comes from the forehead of a buck when he makes a rub, while Scrape Generator utiliz..
Buck Bomb Ultimate Rut Kit
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Model: HS-BB-200042 Gunner's Price!: $22.34
The Buck Bomb ultimate rut box kit provides the essentials to attract a Whitetail Buck by appealing to his two most prominent senses: smell and sound. Kit includes: doe 'N Estrus Bomb (use during peak rut, spray on the ground, on foliage or in the air), scrape generator Bomb (use from pre-rut throug..
Code Blue 12 oz Field Spray and 32 oz Refill
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Model: OA1311 Gunner's Price!: $7.07
You spot a buck ahead in the distance. If you're to tag him, you need to stay hidden. Prepare for this moment by coating your gear with this Code Blue Unscented Field Spray to mask your scent before you even step into the woods. As an experienced hunter, you know the faintest trace of an odor will s..
Code Blue Antiperspent Stick-2.25 oz
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Model: OA1317 Gunner's Price!: $2.99
The sun has yet to rise, you're in the tree stand waiting for an elusive buck to arrive and you suddenly hear rustling from a nearby thicket. Remain cool when the moment arrives by applying the Code Blue Scent Elimination Unscented Antiperspirant Stick before heading out for the hunt. Confidently li..
Code Blue Bar Soap
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Model: OA1384 Gunner's Price!: $4.04
The large 4.2-ounce Code Blue Bar Soap is made with a formula that destroys odor. The easy and convenient bar soap can be left in the shower at hunt camp or stored in a plastic sandwich bag if you're traveling. This portable bar soap is great for travel as you don't have to worry about it spilling i..
Code Blue Body Wash and Shampoo-12 oz
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Model: OA1308 Gunner's Price!: $4.29
In the woods, the slightest whiff could give away your position and ruin your shot at glory. Conceal yourself, even before leaving the house, by showering with the Code Blue Body Wash and Shampoo. The all-natural formula uses patented Silver Scent technology, which employs medical-grade nanosilver p..
Code Blue Doe Estrous Drag System-1 oz
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Model: OA1089 Gunner's Price!: $9.79
With the Code Blue Doe Estrous Drag System, bucks will think they're trailing a hot doe when they walk straight to your hunting stand. This system makes your deer scent trail irresistible. It is perfect for use during the rut and the rugged scent dispenser makes creating your trail easy. It includes..
Code Blue Doe Urine Drag System-1 oz
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Model: OA1036 Gunner's Price!: $7.78
Doe urine is a deer season necessity and the Whitetail Doe Urine Drag System is the best way to deliver this effective scent. The Code Blue Doe Urine Drag System is a hard-working dispenser that won't quit. The rugged construction and high absorbency makes creating your scent trail easy. Don't settl..
Code Blue Dryer Sheets
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Model: OA1319 Gunner's Price!: $4.43
Long before dawn breaks on a new day, you are positioned in your tree stand - eagerly awaiting the arrival of a buck you've been scouting. Make sure you remain hidden when it's time to nock an arrow with the help of these Code Blue Elimination Dryer Sheets. Add one of the sheets to the dryer with yo..
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