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Midas Electronic Hearing ProtectorDescription: - Sharp noises are reduced while normal speech and so..
$87.95 $59.95
Standard profile E-Max hearing protection combines great circuitry with a standard earcup for more b..
$35.95 $30.95
The Caldwell E-Max electronic stereo ear muffs limit sounds above 85 dB by automatically shutting do..
$38.95 $31.95
The Caldwell Platinum Series G3 earmuffs provide a new level of performance. They offer crystal clea..
$67.95 $55.95
Electronic Ear Muffs, PinkFeatures- Electronic muffs to amplify quiet sounds and protect against har..
$51.95 $38.95
Experience Walker¬タルs Game Earᅡᆴ hearing-enhancement technology at an irresistible price. ..
$63.95 $37.95
The Nano Technology coats every aspect of the Digital HD Power Elite Game Ear at a nanoscopic level ..
$223.95 $191.95
Walker¬タルs Game Ear..
$193.95 $141.95
Woodland Whisper Enhancer- Light weight- Easily hung on either ear- 5 levels of volume control (hear..
$21.95 $18.95
Woodland Whisper ITE AC- Two Pack- One for each ear. Using two hearing amplifiers allows the user t..
$35.95 $27.95