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Maintenance and Care

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No more mess while taking care of a very important step. Stick applicators allows you to apply the A..
$11.95 $10.95
CVA Brass Bullet Puller Fits All CVA Ramrods CVA's patch and bullet puller is a must for every muzzl..
$8.95 $7.95
Hunter Nipple Wrench - UniversalSpecifications:- Four-position - Stainless steel wrench - Functions ..
$13.95 $12.95
Heavy wire mounted in a solid brass handle, works on all blackpowder rifles..
$12.95 $11.95
Made from solid steel. Assists in complete take down of CVA in-line rifles. This wrench is for the A..
$15.95 $13.95
Patch Puller - Universal Caliber..
$10.95 $9.95
Rifle/Pistol Nipple Wrench (Side Lock Only)..
$11.95 $10.95
Slick Breech Plug/Nipple GreaseSpecifications:- Formulated to with stand the heat generated during t..
$10.95 $9.95
Hornady's new One Shot Muzzleloader Multi-Lube & Protectant is designed as a multi-function anti-sei..
$12.95 $11.95