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Primos Boost Series 240 HD ITC Pair
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Model: PBS-240-ITC-PR Gunner's Price!: $390.39
2 Channel ITC (In The Canal) Soft Medical Grade Silicone Shell, 40dB gain, With Noise Reduction, Enhances 9x's, Protects against sounds over 85dB, comes with batteries, and hard case, Sold by the Pair, NRR 26 MADE IN THE USA..
Primos Boost Series C2
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Model: PBS-C2-PR Gunner's Price!: $445.51
The Primos Boost Series C2 fits 90% of consumers. It is a quality item at great price. It has 40 dB of gain and a comfortable skelton shell.- Comfortable Skeleton Shell- Fits 90% Of Consumers- 40 Db Of Gain..
Model: 487111 Gunner's Price!: $27.21
The pink low-profile E-MaxTM hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile ear cup that's ideal for shotgun shooters and action shooters. The two microphones in the E-MaxTM amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which amplifies normal communication, range commands, and environmental soun..
Walker's Game Ear Ultra Ear BTE 2 Pack
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Model: GWP-UE1001-NXT2PK Gunner's Price!: $28.39
Experience Walker’s Game Ear® hearing-enhancement technology at an irresistible price. Its compact, behind-the-ear configuration makes it practically unnoticeable, but the sound amplification sure will be. Both volume and high-frequency amplification are adjustable, and there’s an on/off switch, too..
Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital HD PRO 2 Listening Device
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Model: WGE-XGE2B Gunner's Price!: $170.51
The Nano Technology coats every aspect of the Digital HD Power Elite Game Ear at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. This technology provides a truly durable, invisible liquid repellent coating inside and out resulting in a rugged, all-weather, worry-fre..
Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital HD X Listening Device
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Model: WGE-XGE1B Gunner's Price!: $113.69
Walker’s Game Ear, Digital HD Elite Game Ear with Aridion Nano Technology is 20% smaller than standard game ears and has four digital sound processing channels that provide clear audio without outside interference. The 20 bit audio processor yields extremely crisp and precise sound. The Digital HD E..
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