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Standard Horizon HX210 6W Floating Handheld Marine VHF Transceiver
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Model: HX210 Gunner's Price!: $79.81
6W Floating Handheld Marine VHF TransceiverCompact Case DesignCompact, ergonomic case design is a result of the new internal, large capacity 1850 mAh Lithium Ion battery technology. This gives the radio a much smaller case design yet light enough to float face up if dropped in the water.Water Activa..
Model: HX380 Gunner's Price!: $119.72
HX380 5W Commercial Grade Submersible IPX-7 Handheld VHF Radio with LMR ChannelsBuilding on the success of the HX370S, the HX380 5W Commercial Grade handheld VHF has been upgraded with a 1600 mAh Lithium Ion battery, providing more than 13 hours of use on a single charge (5/5/90 duty cycle). The HX3..
Model: MB109 Gunner's Price!: $7.58
Belt ClipFor use with M34, M36 & M92D..
Icom Desktop Trickle Charger f/M34 & M36
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Model: BC173 01 Gunner's Price!: $22.74
Desktop Trickle ChargerFor use with M34 & M36Requires BC-147 AC Adapter..
Model: FASC58V Gunner's Price!: $12.88
Replacement AntennaSoft flexible antenna for M24, M34 & M36..
Model: FASC59V Gunner's Price!: $17.44
Standard AntennaSoft, flexible replacement antenna f/M92D..
Model: MB98 Gunner's Price!: $10.04
Standard Belt ClipFor use with M88, F50 & F60..
Model: HX300 Gunner's Price!: $103.76
HX300 Floating Handheld VHFThe HX300 is an extremely compact 5W handheld VHF radio. If dropped overboard, a flashing strobe light is activated to help recover the unit. Key features include programmable scan, priority scan, tri-watch and dual-watch functions, 10-channel presets, 600mW internal audio..
Model: HX400 Gunner's Price!: $159.64
HX400 Submersible 5 Watt Handheld VHF with LMR Channels and built in ScramblerThe submersible HX400 combines multiple features for a wide variety of users. Commercial tough construction with all VHF marine channels, optional speaker microphone jack, voice scrambler, noise cancelling microphone and 4..
Standard Horizon Hx400Is 5W Intrinsically Safe Hh Vhf
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Model: HX400IS Gunner's Price!: $239.46
HX400IS Handheld VHF - Intrinsically SafeThe submersible HX400IS intrinsically safe handheld VHF is built to withstand the day-in day-out punishment in hostile commercial environments. Features include a speaker microphone jack, 40 dealer programmable Land Mobile Radio channels with CTCSS & DCS sign..
Model: MHS75 Gunner's Price!: $77.27
MHS75 - Submersible Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine RadioThis compact, well-built, rugged handheld Marine radio is rated JIS8/IPX8 submersible and is packed with outstanding features. Included accessories are a rapid clip-on DC charger, and LiON rechargeable battery. JIS8 Submersible - meets rigid JIS8..
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