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Model: 9510CABBX Gunner's Price!: Not Advertised
Pali 9510 400W 12VAC Engine Compartment HeaterProtects your engine from freezing in engine compartments up to 80ft3 by utilizing an internal sealed thermostat to turn the heater on at 41 DegreeF (5 DegreeC).Extend the boating season and protect your engine against surprise cold snaps prior to winter..
Camco Blow Out Plug Plastic Screws Into Water Inlet 36103
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Model: 36103 Gunner's Price!: $2.38
Blow Out PlugCompletely clear your water lines with boat and RV blow-out plugs. Screw the plug into the city water inlet, open all drains and faucets, attach and activate air pump until all lines are clear...
Model: 35983 Gunner's Price!: $24.51
Permanent Waterheater Bypass KitSave on antifreeze when you winterize with this easily-installed water heater by-pass kit. Sturdy, brass backflow preventer and 100% shut-off valve lets you by-pass the water heater with a single turn...
Model: 1458 Gunner's Price!: $56.52
Air-Dryr Mildew FighterSay Goodbye to Mold, Mildew and Moisture1458 Air-Dryr 1000. Handles up to 1000 cubic feet of living space. Draws only 1.1 amps,130 watts. Circular unit measures 13.5" in diameter (34 cm) and 4.25" high (11 cm). EU model handles up to 28 cubic meters of living space.Air-Dryrª ..
Jabsco 17820 Oil Changer System
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Model: 17820-0012 Gunner's Price!: $500.82
17820 Oil Changer SystemThe Jabsco Oil Change System is designed to be installed in a vessel's engine room with its manifold and valves permanently plumbed to the vessel's engines' oil pans or transmissions' oil sumps. The manifold is factory fitted with three ball valves to serve three different oi..
Model: 17850-1012 Gunner's Price!: $166.23
The Economy Engine Oil Changer will extract up to 50 weight of oil at a temperature of 70 deg. F (21 deg. C) through the engine's dip stick tube, usually in less than 5 minutes...
Model: 17860-2012 Gunner's Price!: $158.28
Flat Tank Oil Changer SystemThe Jabsco Flat Tank Oil Changer System simplifies the engine oil changing process, ideal for changing engine oil in Boats, RV's, Lawn and Garden Equipment.There is no need to worry about open containers causing spills when changing engine oils with the 3-1/2 Gallon (13LT..
Model: 17800-2000 Gunner's Price!: $250.00
Porta Quick Oil ChangerThe Porta-Quick Portable Oil Changer makes quick, clean and easy oil changes on-board any boat, because it uses the vessel's own power supply to operate the powerful oil reservoir mounted flexible impeller pump...
Johnson Pump Insta-Lube Oil Change Package 65000
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Model: 65000 Gunner's Price!: $144.74
Insta-Lube Oil ChangerEasy, Quick, No-Mess, No-Hassle Oil Change PackageReliable, well designed & proven gear pump technologyFor marine or industrial applicationsPortable & convenientHigh temperature resistant dipstick tubeHeavy-duty alligator clips easily clamp directly onto batteryUse the easy pou..
Johnson Pump Oil Change Gear Pump Kit - 12V
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Model: 80-47508-01 Gunner's Price!: $87.14
Gear Pump with Oil Change Kit80-47508-01 GP8-19 12VLight and compact oil change pump with pump body and gears made of PTFE. Complete with oil dip stickextraction tube 6 and 8 mm (0.236" and 0.315"). 180 cm (70.9") connection wires with baterry clamps.Port connection: Outlet: 14 mm (0.551") hose Inle..
Model: SW21314 Gunner's Price!: $31.78
18" Quick Dry Water BladeLife's Too Short To Chamois. At 18 inches, it's our largest water blade. The T-Bar edge dries decks, hull sides, and any other large surface in 1/3 the time of messy towels, chamois, or squeegees. Medical grade silicone blade molds to curves and contours. Quik Dry won't scra..
Swobbit 180 Deg. Adjustable Angle Adapter
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Model: SW66640 Gunner's Price!: $7.44
180° Adjustable Angle AdapterAttach your favorite Swobbit cleaning tool to one end, snap it onto the Perfect Pole Telescoping Handle and let the cleaning begin. Makes cleaning areas normally inaccessible with conventional tools and adapters easy to reach. Adjustable to 180°. Eliminates unsafe and aw..
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